A New Musical

Lyrics by Jill Abramovitz

Music by Brad Alexander

Book by Erik Forrest Jackson

Done with being dismissed, oddball Texas teen Misty Riggs comes up with a plan to turn her life around: by attracting followers on social media she’ll finally get taken seriously. Ignoring the misgivings of Alixandra, who’s Misty’s BFF (and basically only F), Misty zeros in on Jacey, a genderfluid new student who wears skirts, and whom she wrongly assumes to be gay. She’s certain that having him by her side will bolster her PR push.

To her chagrin, Jacey shuns both social media and Misty—but unexpectedly warms to Alix. Their budding relationship blindsides Alix’s mom, Colleen, who’s the school guidance counselor and the conflicted lover of Principal Segars.

Finding herself increasingly isolated, Misty ultimately doubles down with a final, desperate bid for viral vindication—the culmination of her burning desire to be validated by something, by anything, no matter what the cost.


A darkly comic new musical, based on
the award-winning play LIKE A BILLION LIKES

Currently in development through Musical Theatre Factory (in residence
at Playwrights Horizons). The piece was further developed
at the Johnny Mercer Writers Colony at Goodspeed Musicals.