“After reading this hilarious, action-packed re-imagining—a totally
ridiculous idea brought to glorious life—I can’t help but wonder
why all novels don’t have the Muppets in them! A total delight
from start to finish.”
—Ben H. Winters, New York Times bestselling
author of Underground Airlines, The Last Policeman trilogy,
and Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters

“This puntastic tale is full of beloved faces [and,] as in many children’s stories,
there is entertainment for older readers with abundant modern references.
There’s no bones about it: young readers will get a taste of the classic
in a fun and humerus way (wocka wocka).”Kirkus Reviews

The Phantom of the Opera, Gaston Leroux’s classic tale of love, intrigue, and jealousy at the Paris Opera House, has thrilled readers, musical lovers, and moviegoers for more than a century, and it has now been reimagined by Erik Forrest Jackson and mashed-up with the cast of the Muppets.

Middle-grade readers—and adults who are in touch with their inner kid—will gasp, cry, laugh, and laugh again as Kermit (as Raoul), Miss Piggy (as Christine), Uncle Deadly (as the phantom), and the chickens (as the ballet corps) give a whole new meaning to the word “classic.” This imaginative tale is sure to win the hearts of all Muppets fans, as well as fans of literary classics.

Coming from Penguin Workshop, available October 17